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Children’s Developmental Services

At Access Living our Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities Agency is certified by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. We offer behavioral intervention and community-based support services for children with developmental disabilities such as, but not limited to, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome, intellectual disabilities, and genetic disorders. We use evidence-based therapies to help children and families reach their highest potential.

Our service promotes:

  • Independence
  • Social Skills
  • Community safety skill development
  • Increased communication skills

Individualized plans are designed to decrease challenging behaviors while teaching positive replacement behaviors. We serve and support children in their homes, out in the community, and with peers, while they engage in typical children’s activities.

Behavior Intervention

Behavioral Intervention is a service for children ages 3-21, with developmental disabilities. Behavioral Intervention is a direct intervention service that utilizes techniques to produce positive meaningful changes in behavior that incorporates functional replacement behaviors and reinforcement-based strategies while also addressing any identified skill needs. Behavioral Intervention is available to participants who exhibit interfering behaviors that impact their independence or abilities which can include social skills and communication or destructive behaviors. Behavioral Intervention can be provided utilizing evidence-based or evidence-informed practices that are used to promote positive behaviors and learning while reducing interfering behaviors. Our therapists work with children and families to develop positive behaviors and the skills they need to function at home and in their community.

Community-Based Supports

Community-Based Supports is a service for children ages 3-18 with developmental delays. Community-Based Supports provides assistance to a child with a developmental disability by facilitating the child’s independence and integration into the community. This service provides an opportunity for children to explore their interests, practice skills learned in other therapeutic environments, and learn through interactions in typical community activities.

Respite Care

Respite providers supervise the child on an intermittent or short-term basis because of the need for relief from the primary unpaid caregiver. Respite is also available in response to a family emergency or crisis or may be used on a regular basis to provide relief to the caregiver.

For more information please reach out to Ashley Ramirez at (208) 922-2207 or